C-Logic Functions

Live Chats

var cbuser = {name: '', email: '', message: ''}, access_token = 'OHvaXKlL9Td6YD01iW5k', cburl = '//';document.write(''); Live Chat through the Web Site is another channel that customers can chat with staff. When customers contact the Live Chat channel, the service provider can provide information. Or get complaints immediately. CCRM Applications can be launched immediately.

IP-PBX Solution

IP PBX Solutions is an IP-based office telephone system that supports the 1-1,000 internal line. It also supports businesses with many branches and wants to communicate between them (VoIP). Call Now: 085 108 5588


IVR is an autoresponder. Voice messages are recorded according to the service menu. To allow customers to select service based on the order of service menu before receiving the call. The system can provide voice data to automatically answer basic questions. Computer-to-computer connection system By using the telephone system as a medium of communication. The system interacts with the user by voice. While users will order or request service from the system by pressing the number button on the dial to operate the operating system as desired. It is an option for people who do not have access to the Internet. For more information, visit 0851085588.


CTI (Computer Telephony Interface): the connection of the Call Center with the telephone system and the CRM system to provide efficient staff and system services. One important function at the heart of the Call Center is CRM. CTI is a link between the Call Center and CRM systems, so that the employees can receive the information they need. The line has seen customer information from the CRM system for use during Real Time conversations. For more information, visit 0851085588.

Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base: KB is a hub for data collection and knowledge. The library model that the caller needs to use when serving information. This system will find and access data easily. The information may be in the Knowledge Base itself or just a link to other information. Knowledge Base also has an Expert Directory that allows users to contact. Experts are convenient Callers can access information quickly for efficient data sharing with KB contacts. Unlimited storage of information. Access Control. Who should look or write. KB system to keep information. Call Now: 0851085588


C-Logic can make outgoing calls. 3 format is
  1. Manual Call is a design call. Enter the destination number to make a call.
  2. Preview Call is to connect the telephone system to the customer database. For employees to study customer information before making a call. By dialing it. Employees can dial numbers displayed on the database to make a call (Click To Call).
  3. Predictive Call is to put hundreds of analyzed data and distribute it to employees. The system automatically makes an automatic call and sends it to the caller when it can contact the customer. The system will work with the various campaigns that are set up.
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C-CRM consists of 4.
  1. Customer Profile is a database of heavy customers. Database contains customer history. The system can be added. Edit customer information while serving. And also have a history of the customer.
  2. Ticketing Complaints Employees will use the ticketing system to record customer complaints. Include coordination to solve problems. The system records all complaints and reports.
  3. Knowledge Base is the knowledge base of the company's products and services. Employees will find information from this section in the service provided by the system. The program allows employees to find information quickly.
  4. Reporting is the employee's CRM reporting system, which can be used to analyze data for layering and marketing strategies.
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User Interface

C-Logic Soft Phone is a program for employee use. Used for making and receiving calls. The system displays statuses such as:
  • Login - Out - Break Time
  • Dialed call
  • Incoming call
  • Received line volume
  • The volume of calls that the queue is on.
  • Unacceptable call volume
  • Call status can be saved.
  • Can listen to conversations back.
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C-Voice Recording

C-Recording: is a telephone conversation recording system. The system will record all calls. The system can be called backwards.
  • Date, year, or any time.
  • Choose from incoming or outgoing numbers.
  • Can be selected from an internal number or employee name.
  • The system can be listened to while the service is being serviced.
  • The system can retrieve reports back.
Benefits of C-Voice Recording
  • To find five conversations between customers and employees backwards.
  • Can be evaluated for the services of employees.
  • Record important conversations.
  • To check the employee's service.
For more information: 085 108 5588
Experience over 10 years.

We are a Call Center specialist who can support the growth of your business and provide you with impressive service to your customers. To achieve maximum satisfaction.

Importance of Call Center System

Call Center System is different from ordinary telephone system. Because the Call Center system has a lot better Functions. Automatic distribution system (ACD), IVR system and voice recorder. And the reporting system that monitors the operation of Agents and also the system that can be connected to the CRM system as well. Therefore, in the service center customer or Call Center, it is necessary to have such Functions for efficiency. To provide effective services.

Why choose Cloud Call Center?

The Cloud Call Center is another option that our customers use. Because it is a user-friendly system. save cost Has the flexibility to use. Can reduce system usage monthly, can set up quickly. Customers do not need IT knowledge, just have a place and a call center staff. In addition, we will advise you on the budget and the services you are most comfortable with.

Would you consider buying or renting a call center system at your office?

Customers with sufficient investment budgets and business expansion plans will always consider this option. This will allow the management of the system to be managed by the customer's own IT staff. Or need to develop an existing application or database system together.

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