Frequently asked questions

  • What is the difference between a Call Center and a Contact Center?
    Both the Call Center and the Contact Center are the units that interact with the customer, but the Call Center communicates with the customer through the telephone only. The Contact Center communicates with the customer via the channel. Multi-channel communication Whether it's telephone, fax, email, website or mail, in Thailand, we are more used to and familiar with the term Call Center.

  • What is the scope, function and role of the Contact Center?
    Contact Center plays an important role in Customer acquisition life cycle. By providing information about goods and services for the public. There is a tendency to step in as a corporate customer in the future. Or is responsible for receiving feedback or complaints. In addition, the Contact Center can also act as a service center for receiving orders and services. Debt service center Call Center Marketing Information Service Call Center, Customer Satisfaction Survey Center, and much more.

  • Should your organization have a Contact Center?
    To tell if your organization should have a Contact Center depends on your competitive policies, products, and services. Some organizations have a Contact Center to facilitate Customer service Customers do not need to come to the office. While some use the Contact Center as a means of two-way communication with customers, another important cause. Is to reduce the cost of opening multiple customer service centers by area.

  • Is the Contact Center a Contact Center?
    Many people misunderstand that CRM is the Contact Center and the Contact Center is CRM. In fact, CRM (Customer Relation Management) is a strategy and service that companies use to maintain relationships. Good with customers The need for improvement in various parts of the organization, especially in contact with the customer (Touch points). Contact Center is a touch point that customers use the service. In the planning, CRM must also consider contact management. Center how to create a good experience with customers.

  • What is Outsource?
    -Outsourcing is the implementation of some tasks that the company may not have the expertise. To external organizations that have Expertise over working instead. This allows the company to focus and focus on The core mission of the organization is fully.

  • What are the advantages of the Outsourced Contact Center?
    The advantage of Outsourced Contact Center is that you can fully dedicate your organization's resources to the core mission of your company. Without having to worry about contact center management and the use of Outsourced Contact Center, your organization will be able to start a Contact Center in no time. If you have to start all over again, which takes longer. In addition, the use of the Outsourced Contact Center service reduces the risk of investment, especially in the field of Various technologies Your contact center will be internationally accredited because of its expertise.

  • How does CTC LOGIC provide service?
    When the deal is completed. Our staff will thoroughly study the project, develop a timeline evaluation plan. And design a way to work with you. Along with a system test And services Before you start working To ensure the efficient service.

  • How long does it take to get an Outsourced Contact Center?
    Duration depends on detail and scope of service. This affects the development time of various systems. Time to choose the customer relations staff. Qualified for the job Duration of employee training on products and services If you are interested, you can contact us to estimate the time available.

  • Is the Contact Center employee an Operator?
    The Contact Center staff is not an Operator, because the scope of work and responsibilities are different. The Operator will divert phone calls to those identified. While Contact Center employees provide information, help, problem solving, or presentation of enterprise products and services. The staff at the Contact Center must have skills in many areas. Customer service skills in listening, speaking, Or even sales

  • How much does it cost to outsource CTC LOGIC?
    Costs vary. Depends on the details. And scope of work Designing each customer service model. It is complicated and takes time to analyze. However, you can contact us for a rough estimate of your expenses.

  • Where can I find more information about CTC LOGIC's services?
    Our staff are happy to answer your questions and give you more information.02 315 7518Click away Contact Us