Project name:

Cloud Call Center

Project description:

Cloud Call Center: Rent a system on Cloud pay monthly bills.
Currently, the Cloud Call Center system is the focus of our customers ginger. Because it can be installed quickly. Customers do not need IT knowledge. Reduce operating costs. Flexibility in management.

Considerations for using the Cloud Call Center
2 has facilities and facilities already.
3 has a well-established operational process and information exchange service.
4. No IT knowledge.
5. Do not want to invest system or have own system.
6. Need to have flexibility in operating Call Center Operations.


1 has the flexibility to operate and operate.
2. Reduce operating costs and control costs.
3. ไม่จำเป็นต้องมีความรู้ด้านไอที
4 can set up the system quickly.
5 has always been a system administrator.


1. รวบรวมความต้องการใช้งานและการให้บริการ Call Center ของลูกค้า
2 Design and customize the system to meet the needs of customers.
4. ทดสอบระบบให้ตรงตามความต้องการ

What customers prepare

1. Computers, Head Set
3. พนักงานรับสาย
4 (Lease Line)

สิ่งที่ CTC LOGIC ดำเนินการให้
1 Call Center Number
2 Call Center

Hotline: 0851085588