C-Logic Call Center supports and provides 3 services.

  1. On Premise: This is where the customer buys the system and thinks at his own office. Customers will invest once in the system. The team will consult the entire system design and teach the use of both viewers and systems and users.
  2. System Rental: is a lease of the system from CTC Logic, where CTC Logic will be the system architect to install the customer's premises. Customers pay monthly bills. Chartered for customers who do not want to invest once and do not have a system administrator. The team will consult from the beginning to find the most appropriate solutions. CTC Logic will oversee the system and after-sales service throughout the contract period.
  3. Cloud Call Center: is a monthly rental system where the system is not at the customer's location. Customers pay monthly. Perfect for customers who already have employees and locations. The good news is that customers do not have to have system knowledge and is a very low investment.

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